Google Analytics vs Hubalz

You might be wondering: Why should I pay for Hubalz when I can use Google Analytics for free? What are the differences between the two and how do they impact my business?

In this article, I will explain the main differences between Hubalz and Google Analytics so your team can make an informed choice about the analytics tools you use.

But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Derin Ilkcan Karakoc, the CEO and head of product at Hubalz. I’m a software engineer with a passion for building products that help people make better decisions. Making data-driven decisions is a key part of that, so my job is to make analytics accessible and actionable.

My way of choosing tools for my team is to ask myself: “What is the problem we are trying to solve?” and “What is the best tool for the job?”. I believe that the best tool is the one that helps you solve your problem as quickly and easily as possible. So, a key part of my decision as to choosing tools is about accessibility. Can you and your team use the tool easily? Can you get the data you need quickly? Can you make decisions based on the data you get? If you can’t understand the data, it’s not actionable.

To drill into this, let’s look at the main differences between Hubalz and Google Analytics.

1. Hubalz is an entire marketing platform

With Hubalz, you get a complete marketing platform. You can use it to track your website visitors, see where your revenue is coming from, and more. You can also use it to track your marketing campaigns and measure their performance. You can even use it to create and manage your social media accounts, schedule posts and see post analytics. It even has a whole SEO tool built in. Hubalz is like a Swiss Army knife for marketers.

2. Hubalz is easy to use

We call Hubalz easy to use because we provide you with a simple, intuitive interface. You can get started in minutes, and you don’t need to be a data scientist to use it. We still provide you with all the data and filtering tools you need, but we make it easy to understand and use.

3. Hubalz is made to incrase your revenue

Hubalz is made to help you increase your revenue. If you are earning money online, Hubalz can help you increase your revenue.

There is a reason Google Analytics focuses on sessions, pageviews and traffic: it was built with content websites in mind. Google Analytics tracks visits to your website, but it doesn’t track anything else unless you specifically tell it to. If you are a content website, this is enough. But if you are an e-commerce website, you need to track more than just visits to your website. You need to track your sales, your revenue, your marketing campaigns, the time between users seeing a product, adding to the cart, and buying it, and more. With Google Analytics, this becomes a lot more complicated.

If you want to see how many times, say, a button on a popup is clicked, you need to set up a goal on Google Analytics. But setting up a goal isn’t straightforward as the tool simply isn’t designed to help you do that.

With Hubalz however, you can set up a goal right in your dashboard, and you can even track historical data, even data from before you defined the goal.

4. Hubalz gives you session recordings and heatmaps

One of the key features of Hubalz is per user tracking. This means that you can see exactly what each user does on your website. You can see what they click, what they type, and how they move their mouse. You can even see what they do on your website before they sign up. You can assign identities to users to connect the lines between before and after signup events. You can watch their sessions, you can see what exactly they clicked on, and more.

Studies show that there is a huge correlation between where we move our mouse and where we look. This is why we implemented per-page heatmaps right into our product. For each page of your application, you can see mouse events and clicks, and you can see where users are looking. This gives you the opportunity to increase conversions by placing your call to action right where your visitors look.

5. Hubalz lets YOU decide what matters

With Hubalz, you can decide what matters. You can decide what you want to see. The dashboard is 100% customizable to suit your needs. On the other hand, Google Analytics is a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s not designed to be customized. Google has decided that the default view for everyone should be sessions and bounce rate followed by traffic and info like the time of day when someone visited the site. As the platform is designed for content websites in mind, these metrics most likely won’t help you answer questions about how people are using your website.

On Hubalz, every event is tracked by default, but with a little bit of code, you can add custom events with custom properties and see them right in your dashboard.

Let’s recap. Hubalz is an entire marketing platform, it’s easy to use, it’s made to increase your revenue, it gives you session recordings and heatmaps, and it lets you decide what matters.

And keep in mind, if you can’t use the tool, you can’t use the data.